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Spirit Wear and Fun Wear

23/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

This custom-decorated type is intended to identify members of particular groups or to enhance team spirit. Often, such shirts are produced more for fun than for any defined objectives. Such shirts invariably have logos, custom designs or special messages. 

Custom-printed shirts may be made for softball teams to identify a corporate marketing team at a trade show, members of travelling groups, 1K race participants, family reunions etc. Or they may bear the photos of a loved one. They are typicaly ordered in quantities of 5 to 100, rarely exceeding 250. In Ghana, screen printers usually refuse shirt orders less than 20.

Due to the set up and clean-up costs, it is not economical for screen printers to print smaller orders. Additionally, customers usually do not want to pay more money because they ordered less than 20 shirts. Furthermore, these shirts often have multiple colors, complex designs or photos that cannot be easily reproduced through screen-printing. This market thus represents fertile ground for digital apparel printers.

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