Screen Printing Supplies

Screen Printing Supplies

All You Need For Screen Printing At home or Business

Custom and Print has come out with a unique collection of printing accessories such that even if you are into the T-shirt printing business, our collection would prove to be fruitful to you in terms of quality and cost.

Our collection includes numerous printing materials like Antex inks plastisol screen printing ink in different colours and any other accessory that is required for screen printing. 

The materials we supply are ideal for screen printing such that they ultimately yield quality products and the outcome of printing comes out to be customer satisfactory

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Meshed A3 ScreenPrinting Frame

Meshed A3 Screen Printing FrameOrder your frames from us and you are assured of quality sharp printi..


Pallet Glue

Pallet GlueHold your job inplace so you dont print shadows..