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It’s the New Year and the perfect time to jump-start your business promotions. How can you promote your business without burning a hole in your wallet?


Custom t-shirts and custom tees are some of the most affordable business promotional products out there.

Custom t-shirts are effective for business marketing campaigns because t-shirts can be utilized as prize offers for customers that purchase your business products and services. Big corporate brands use custom t-shirts for business promotions annually to get buyers excited about the brand in a variety of contests and marketing campaigns.

Why does an organisation spend so much money on custom t-shirts?

It’s all about brand outreach. Anytime people wear custom t-shirts custom tees with your brand promotions on them, you have unlimited brand exposure (especially if your buyers travel often and network with new people on the regular)

Custom T-shirts will give you the opportunity to expand your business outreach without ever paying clients to promote your brand. Free brand ambassadors are by far the most effective business marketing out there.

T-shirts have some of the highest levels of marketing potential because marketing on custom tees has no expiration time. Clients can wear custom t-shirts for years, which gives your business the opportunity to effectively spread your marketing messages and social campaigns long term.

Hand out custom tees at company events. Give custom t-shirts as gifts to employees and clients to best promote your brand. Custom tees are the best business promotional items because t-shirts instantly enhance brand recognition when it comes to new products and services.

Custom and Print Ltd can help you take your business to a whole new and exciting level with our custom T-shirt printing services.

Our t-shirt screen-printing will help you develop high quality designs that effectively represent your business brand. Best of all you will save time and money.

Our commitment to quality will ensure that every custom tee created with our screen-printing technology is eye catching.

Custom and Print’s wide array of custom t-shirt printing services and embroidery solutions will offer you the eye catching promotional products you’ve always wanted for your business. We are here to save you time and money on promoting your brand without sacrificing the quality of your promotional products.

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Charlotte Fleet:

Thank you for providing this information about the benefits of custom t-shirts. I found it very interesting how you mentioned that custom t-shirts have very high levels of marketing potential because they have no expiration time. I would imagine that it would be very useful to find a custom t-shirt printing service that has a great reputation for quality prints.

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