Key things you need to know before ordering custom t-shirts

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Key things you need to know


before ordering custom t-shirts


            Are you considering ordering tshirts for your team, group or event or even for someone close to you? Shirts


are always a great give away to customers and friend. Aside from being a great gift and advertising for your


business, picking the right t-shirts to customised does come with a few consideration.


Here are a few things to consider. Hopefully, they will save you both time AND money.




What are the t-shirts for?



It sounds like a silly question, but asking this of yourself is really important. Thinking about the people



who’ll be wearing them, why, where, and what they’ll be doing while wearing them will help you with the



other elements. For example…




Buying t-shirts for people to wear while handing out flyers –  think *visibility*. Bright colours, big design,



calls-to-action on the back. Probably not likely to be worn more than a few times, so can be cheaper.




Need t-shirts for the staff of your new food joint or smoothy shop? – Nice logo design, dark shirt colour (it



hides food stains better!), and something soft and comfortable as they’ll be wearing it all day.




Are you getting t-shirts to gift to favourite customers or, even better, potential customers? Then go for



something that they’ll be happy to wear on a regular basis. They’ll become free brand ambassadors for








How Many do you need?



Unless you know exactly how many people you’re buying for, this is a tough one. And it’s frustrating



if you buy too few or too many. It’s always worth bearing in mind that you benefit from economies of



scale with our screenprinting services – in other words, the more you buy, the cheaper each one



becomes. You can get an instant price from our design studio.



If you know everyone who will receive one, then you can ask them in advance of ordering the t-shirts.



If it’s for attendees at an event, you can make life easier by asking their t-shirt size as part of the sign-



up form. Alternatively, you can ask us to collect the sizes from everyone for you, free of charge. In the



design studio, you can pick t-shirts and design for your entire team or group. You can add their



numbers and sizes that they prefer











Having a great design is key to a popular t-shirt that people will want to wear. On our website we have a



variety of well crafted easy to use designs with you can use free of charge. Our only design tool is very



intuitive as it provides you guidelines on how to come up with the best design for your brand. 


Employ a professional designer, and you’ll earn that money back ten-fold (or at least improve your brand



perception tenfold!). Also be aware that for each colour in your design a screen needs to be created, which



is an added cost.

  • Fewer colours = cheaper printing. The good news is that most of the best designs that stand out well are one or two colours!


  • Make it bold, make it clear, make it easy to be seen from the other side of the room.


  • Make sure the designer provides you with a vector of the artwork, along with Pantone references for any colours included.





Any questions?



If there’s anything we can do to help, just ask in the LiveChat box, give us a call at 0546528518, or email


us. And don’t forget the free checklist below so that you have all the things you need to know before


ordering custom t-shirts and more in one quick and easy document.

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